• Use Super Them and Sunshield to block solar heat & stay cool. Use in any application where solar heat is a problem.
  • Use Total Seal or Moist Metalgrip to seal concrete and masonry surfaces ( floors, slabs, walls) to prevent water and moisture infiltration.
  • Use Rustgrip to remedy and prevent corrosion, without the need of sandblasting or UHP water jetting to new metal ( No Sp5 or Sp10 required). 
  • Use Enamogrip as an industrial grade, high gloss floor coating for all surfaces.
  • Use Moist Metalgrip to prevent corrosion on wet, damp condensating metal surfaces. Also used for corrosion protection of metal underground or underwater.
  • Use Rustgrip and Enamogrip to protect concrete floors and for remedy and prevention of corrosion on metal surfaces above ground and water.
  • Use Enamogrip as a top coat over Rustgrip and Moist Metalgrip when they are applied externally.

Moist Metalgrip ($143.50 per gal.) Rustgrip 5-Gal Pail ( $150 per Gal.) Super Therm 5-gallon pail ($99.80 per gallon)
Our Price: $717.50
Our Price: $750.00
Our Price: $499.00
Enamogrip 5- gal. ($180 per gal.) Total Seal 5-gal pail ($143.50 per gal.) Superbase 5-gallon pail ($47.20 per gallon)
Our Price: $900.00
Our Price: $717.50
Our Price: $236.00
Concrete masonry sealant for floor and walls
Sunshield 5-gallon pail ($59.20 per gallon)
Our Price: $296.00